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The Micara Mission
Micara Life is all about sharing better health and abundant living. When you place an order with Micara, you will receive a coupon valued at 25% of your last purchase of Micara Health Products. You may use it for your next order or send it to someone who may need it. Make someone smile today, and share Micara with your loved ones.

Wholesale / Private Label

Stock & Custom Formulas
Many stock formulas ready for immediate delivery. Plus you can customize the product packaging to suit your needs and identify your brand.

Label Printing
No need for the additional cost and time of having your private labels printed elsewhere. Our labels are professionally printed on premises as a free service with your product order.

Need a Quote on a Custom Order?
We can provide you with an accurate quote in 3-5 business days on most custom formulations. Let our professional staff assist you through the process of creating your own proprietary blend.