Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba may increase vascular dilation, and improve memory, concentration, and mental function. It has also been shown to help increase blood flow which increases the health of all organs including the brain.
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Ginkgo Biloba has been used in early human history, and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Common uses for Ginko include headaches, sinusitis, vertigo, and chronic ear ringing.  The tree has also been shown to have excellent antioxidant abilities, as well as cardiovascular benefits. Because of its improvement in increasing blood flow to the brain and body, Ginko Biloba is currently seen as a natural mood enhancer.

Gingko Biloba is best known for improving brain health and is often taken by people who are hoping to improve their mental and cognitive health. In addition, it can help treat pain, blood disorders, mood disorders, and more. It’s been widely studied for its effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, platelet-forming, and circulation-boosting effects.

According to current research, Ginkgo Biloba's benefits may include improved cognitive function, positive mood, increased energy, improved memory, and reduced symptoms related to multiple chronic diseases. Ginkgo biloba is safe, effective, and benefits the body in numerous ways because it exerts protective effects against mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress. It can help to decrease inflammation and free radical damage, two underlying causes of most common health conditions.

  • Improves Cognitive Function including Dementia Symptoms
  • Fights  Stress and Anxiety
  • Treats Migraines and Improves Sleep

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