FAQ's - Private Label

Revised 11/11/2020

Private Label - FAQ's

What do the terms "Private Label" and "White Label" mean?
The terms private label and/or white label essentially mean the same thing. Products that are purchased for the purpose of branding under the brand name of the customer. You can choose from our selection of stock items for private label / white label, or you can elect to have us customize a formula. In either case, your order will be shipped with your label and brand name.

Placing your Order

  1. REGISTER - Create an account online, you need to register prior to placing an order. You will not be able to checkout unless you are a registered customer.
  2. PACKAGING & MFG/EXP - Each product has a couple required fields in order to add to your shopping cart. PACKAGING has up to four choices, this represents the type of bottle and color you select. MFG-EXP is some of the required information on each bottle. This displays either the manufactured date or the expiration date of the product to the customer. We recommend the manufacture date and that is selected by default. A case where you may need expiration date would be if you were selling and shipping through Amazon "FBA". Amazon FBA inventory requires the use of expiration dates.
  3. LABEL COPY - You can download the label template for each product from the product details page. Give the label template to your graphic designer, it has all the required information needed to create your label. The dimensions of each label template represent the required size of the finished label. Note that if your designer does not deliver the label in the correct size, you may be charged a fee for resizing the label prior to printing.
  4. LABEL GRAPHICS - When your graphic designer has completed your label(s), attach the label file(s) and email to Remember to reference your order number in the subject field of your email. We accept labels in file types of .pdf, .ai or an .eps file. Have your designer make sure to create outlines of all text and embed any images or linked artwork prior to sending the file to us.
  5. SHIPPING - Once we receive your "Print Ready" label graphics, your order will usually ship within 10-14 business days.
  6. REORDERS - Reorders are fast and simple, If we already have your label graphics for that product on file, we will automatically fill your reorder.

Orders Shipped to (FBA) "Fulfilled by Amazon"

  1. USE EXP DATE - Select EXP DATE when placing your product orders if they will be Fulfilled by Amazon
  2. SHIPPING ADDRESS - During checkout, be sure and select the checkbox "Hold for Amazon FBA" as your shipping method.
  3. WHEN READY FOR AMAZON (FBA) - When your order is ready to ship, we will automatically email you the boxes, weights, and dimensions to the email address we have on file in your account. You can then log into your Amazon account and create shipping labels. Once you have downloaded the shipping labels created in your Amazon account, forward them to us and your product will ship using the Amazon shipping labels you provided.

Label Graphics in need of Editing
Labels graphics we receive in the wrong size, missing artwork or missing font files are subject to an additional graphics fee of $50.00

Label Compliance
It is the sole responsibility of the private label customer to determine if their private label meets FDA labeling guidelines, including, but not limited to Point size of type, Label format, and product claims. The label template supplied by Natural Health Labs is for the sole purpose of label size “dimensions”, the content of ingredients listed in the supplement/nutrition facts panel, suggested use and standard product safety warnings. More details are outlined in the "Terms and Conditions of Use"

Custom Formulation
If you would like a quote on a custom formulation, give us a call or email customer support, we will be happy to assist you.