Become an Affiliate

Affiliate Discounts
Now you can save up to 30% off all Retail and Wholsale orders.

In appreciation of our loyal customers, we want to share our success. Now anyone can benefit from our affiliate discount savings.

20% OFF Affiliate Discount
This is for all of our customers, whether you are purchasing for your family or personal use, or if you are a health professional, or perhaps one of our large online retailers.

Simply sign up as an affiliate, and the savings will automatically be applied to all of your future orders.

30% OFF VERIFIED Affiliate Discount
When you create an affiliate link from your website or social media page using to our website, send us the link to verify and Natural Health Labs will upgrade your Discount to 30% off all of your future purchases.

Keep the link on your website or social media page to ensure that you continue to receive the Verified Affiliate Discount of 30% off.

Affiliate links can be as simple as a text link, or you can choose one of our SAMPLE ADS

No Cost or Setup Fees
There are no fees or monetary requirements to become a Natural Health Labs Affiliate.

Affiliate Income
In addition to your substanial savings, Natural Health Labs affiliates earn 20% of every sale from parties that have purchased through their affiliate link.

Affiliate Coupons
If you don't have a website or a social media page to create an affiliate link, you can still utilize a unique coupon code that ensures customers you send to our website will be credited as one of your affiliates.

You can offer each customer as much as a 20% dicount on their first purchase using your Coupon Code.

"We don't accomplish anything in this world alone... and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one's life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something." ~ Sandra Day O'Connor

How to become an Affiliate

1.) Create an account
If you are new to the site, click on the "Pencil Icon" in the top right corner of the page.

If you have already registered on our website, go to Step 3.)

2.) Complete your registration
Fill out the registration form to create your account on our site.

NOTE: This will be your login to place orders, and to view your affiliate details.

3.) Login to your account
After you login to your account,

A.) Click the "Person Icon" in the upper right side of your web page. This will take you to your account details page.

B.) Then click on the "Become an Affiliate" link on the lower left column.

4.) Fill out your Affiliate Information
Create your "Friendly URL Name", use any combination of letters or numbers, you may also use a hyphen as displayed in the example. DO NOT USE SPACES OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS LIKE (!,@,#,$,%.&,*,?).

Our preferred method of paying commissions is through PayPal. Enter the PayPal email from which you want to receive commission payments.

Fill out the remainder of the form and click "Submit".

5.) Allow up to 24 hours for Approval and Activation
The pending approval will show up in red.

Notice where your affiliate url is added to our web address.

6.) Approved and Acitve
Once your affiliate status is approved and activated, your "Friendly URL" will show up in green "See Example on Left".

  • For links to our website from your website, you would use your "Freindly URL" similar to this You can copy your URL string from the affiliate info under your account.
  • DISCOUNT COUPON CODES - You can also advertise Discount Coupon Codes. A 20% Discount Coupon Code for "one use per customer" has been created for you.
    The Coupon Code would be the friendly url you chose when you signed up. EXAMPLE "test-affiliate".
  • In either instance, all customers who come to our website through your affiliate link or who use your Coupon Code at checkout, will be added to your affiliate commissions.
  • COMMISSIONS - 20% OF ALL THE ORDER SUBTOTAL PURCHASES are paid on the 10th of each month for the previous calendar month. (tax & shipping are not commissionable)
  • TRACK YOUR BUSINESS - Track your entire affiliate business 24/7 in real time through your back office.